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He will rejoice over you with singing! | Carrying Freedom | MercyOutreachBlog,com

One practical way to begin to connect with the Lord is through prayer journaling. This simply begins with you dating the top of the page, choosing a question that you would like to ask the Lord in prayer (we have included some examples below), writing down the question as you ask it in prayer and then beginning to write down what you receive from the Lord. It could be a scripture, a word, a picture, a song lyric, a sentence, or a paragraph. Once you feel that you have received what He had to show you, thank Him for communicating with you and continue the conversation!

Questions for God

What are some things that you like about me, Lord?

When you look into the future of my life, what is something you are excited about for me?

What words of encouragement do you have for me today, Lord? Is there any encouragement that you would like for me to give to someone else? Who?

Zephaniah 3:17 says you sing over me, Lord. What song are you singing over me today?