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His voice always brings hope, life, and love. | Carrying Freedom | MercyOutreachBlog,com

As we continue to discuss Hearing the Voice of God, you may wonder how you are supposed to know if you have heard from the Lord. There are a couple of key ways that can help you to know more clearly whether or not you have heard or received something from Him:

It is confirmed in the Word and by God’s character. If what God speaks to you does not line up with truth from the Bible or God’s nature (He is good, holy, just, pure, etc.), you can throw it out! It’s important to remember that when the Lord communicates with us, His voice always brings hope, life, and love.

It is confirmed by the fruit it produces. Does the word you think you are hearing from God produce inside of you the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control)? Or does it produce fear, discouragement, and confusion? If what you are hearing is from the Lord, the fruit will always be good fruit from the Spirit.

We encourage you to write down the things you hear and ask Him to confirm to you whether or not those things were from Him. This may come from experiencing a sense of peace when you read back over what you have written. It is also helpful to seek out the wisdom and perspective of godly Christian leaders in your life when you are learning the ways you receive from the Lord and growing in your confidence in this area of your personal relationship with Him.

Remember, God wants to speak to you more than you want Him to, so set aside some time, quiet your heart and ask Him to begin to communicate with you! He is faithful to do it!