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Alt Text: Forms of Love: Eros | Carrying Freedom |

This month we are discussing four different types of love from the original Greek language, as our English word for “love” is quite broad. The original Greek breaks down the concept of love into four types, while our English form of “love” encompasses everything from your favorite dessert to your Aunt Gertie . We have previously discussed Storge (familial) and Phileo (companionship) types of love.

The third form of love from the Greek is one that many people are familiar with. Eros love is the type of love that refers to the “passionate love” that is between two people that are “in love.” We get the word “erotic” from Eros. Eros is also the word that expresses sexual love or feelings between people who are physically attracted to one another.

Even though there is nothing inherently sinful with erotic love, it is the form of love that we see associated with the most sinful behavior and choices, due to the fact that Eros love is rooted in sensuality and self. The other three forms of love focus on relationship and others. Eros love between a husband and wife is a beautiful, God-ordained thing. It’s when Eros is expressed outside of God’s design that it can create issues and become sinful or impure. Interestingly, by New Testament times, the concept of Eros had become so debased in culture that it was not used once in the entire New Testament.

On the other hand, in the Old Testament there is an entire book devoted to the blessings of erotic, sexual love – Song of Solomon, which shows that this type of love can be pure and in line with God’s heart. Eros is the form of love that can quickly turn from a blessing to a curse when it operates outside of God’s design for our lives. That is why choosing to keep this type of love in the context of covenant safeguards us and our relationships. Song of Solomon give us a biblical example to look to if we are struggling to do so.   

While Eros love is familiar to all of us, it is the one love that requires the most self-control and intentionality to keep it within the boundaries that it belongs. Next week we will discuss Agape love – the truest form of love and how it keeps all of the others in order in our lives.

Eros Love Challenge: Acknowledge any areas where Eros love resides in your life. If it is in your marriage – thank the Lord for it and allow it to be a blessing to your covenant. If Eros has crept into other areas or relationships in your life, we encourage you to surrender those things to the Lord and allow Him to direct you in your next steps.