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Alt Text: Forms of Love: Storge | Carrying Freedom |

February is often coined as the month of love with Valentine’s Day falling during the month. So, we figured it would be fitting to spend some time discussing the different types of love that are found in the Bible.

In our English speaking culture we use the word “love” in many ways. We “love” tacos. We “love” our friend’s new haircut. We “love” our spouses. Love is a powerful thing. But due to our limited vocabulary we tend to throw it all in one box. So, let’s start on an adventure of understanding what the Word says about the different types of love – and in the process – figure out which box our tacos belong in and which our loved ones belong in.

Storge love is the familial love, often referred to as the empathy bond. It is the love found between family members, and those that are bonded together by chance – not choice. An example of this type of love would be the natural love and affection that exists between a parent and a child. Loyalty also falls under storge love and if not tempered with agape love and wisdom, can prove to be unbalanced and become a hindrance in many ways.

As we continue to look into the different forms of love this month, we will leave you with a small, 5 minute challenge that gives you an opportunity to put that form of love to work in your own life.

Storge Love Challenge: Ask the Lord what family member you could reach out to – via text, email, phone call – to share your love and care for them. You may point out one of your favorite things about them or communicate appreciation for all they do.