Self Care for the Helper

In a world that moves a million miles a second, it's easy to follow suit. For those of us that have a heart for helping people, it's easy to get wrapped up in the fast paced lifestyle that seems so prominent among many and forget about our own personal needs. We must remember that our own personal health is important and without being healthy ourselves, we can't offer our best to anyone else.

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He Comforts Us So We Can Comfort Others

Often times we feel uncertain about offering up our wisdom because we ourselves still feel broken. What we forget, or sometimes don't even realize, is that God uses our past experiences for His glory. God will continue to work in our lives and bring us healing and calls us to share those good works with others.

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Why You Don’t Actually Understand

Many of us have used the phrase "I understand" when speaking to a friend, family member, or someone we are mentoring. While those words can come from a place of love, "I understand" is not something we are actually capable of doing. Mercy staff, Katie, expands on this and explains why we should think twice before ever using those words again.

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